STRETCHNDANCE FITNESS IS A FITNESS ROUTINE founded by Sumaiya Azeez in the year 2010- It is the convergence of Yoga and Dance, it is a profound routine where you stretch with Yoga, and Contemporary moves and burn those calories with dance styles such as Freestyle, Jazz, Bollywood Jazz and Power dance going in sync for 1 hr to the best music. In 1 hr we do 9 sequences which are smartly choreographed to give you a wholesome workout. it's a good mix of power stretches and dancing that supports in gaining flexibility, strength building and cardio for the body. In the 1 hr session the routine is wrapped up with a 5 minute Active meditation that revitalizes the mind, which relaxes the body by eliminating stress.
It was specifically conceptualized for those who wanted to engage in dance fitness but couldn’t because of a bad back or a bad knee/ other ailments. StretchNdance is very safe for the body as all the techniques used in routine support for strengthening of Muscles, Joints and the Nerves. All in all it strengthens the whole body and prepares it for further toning and weight management.
  • It is a health/ fitness based dance fitness routine called StretchNdance. It is a wholesome routine which gives the body "Cardio+strengthening+flexibility+Relaxation". It has high benefits of being a stress buster routine for those who work long hours and build stiffness in the body, helps those who have weight issues.
  • Everyone who loves to experience a unique form of workout through dance would enjoy the choreographies without a doubt.
  • STRETCH N DANCE fitness is a beautiful combination of therapeutic Yoga and various forms of Dance. It falls into the category of Dance fitness. There is an equal distribution of power, grace and strength in every choreography.
  • This routine can be practiced by all those who suffer from ailments such as bad back, weak knees, nerve issues, fatigue, StretchNDance strengthens the weaknesses.
  • This routine focuses to stretch and builds stamina along with strength and cardio in 1 hour of workout.
STRETCH N DANCE FITNESS ROUTINE'S Music varies from Dance music, EDM, Trance, Ambient, Pop and Bollywood. we also use instrumental, nature sounds for relaxation. Our sequences are well balanced by making sure we keep the audience entertained and engaged while we are in the routine. Our Choreographies and Music evolves with time.